Daffodil.Shakespeare.1.2013-03-09This past weekend I took the first long walk of the spring and loved all the daffodils holding their own in the March wind. Having fought off the “snow-quester” here in DC earlier this week (umm, I guess it didn’t take that much effort), they are still strong and cheerful.

I painted a few etegami, using two quotations. The first is from Shakespeare — “Daffodils, that come before the swallow dares, and take / The winds of March with beauty” ( The Winter’s Tale; the full quotation is lovely, and I may revisit it for other flower etegami). The second is a cute poem by Anna Bartlett Warner, pen name “Amy Lothrop,” an American writer perhaps best known for the Sunday classic “Jesus Loves me, This I know” (Oh, help me, now I will have this in my head all day!).

Daffy Down Dilly poem by Anna Warner, ("Amy Lothrop") Daffodil Etegami




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