“Spring in the air”

Spring is the air, Fireworks flower, with Marvelettes quote. Etegami

Hopefully my Facebook friends won’t mind… I often find inspiration in the things they post. Last week Pam H posted a quote from the Marvelettes’ song “When you’re young and in love” (click here for YouTube clip). What struck me most was the comparison of feelings about love with both spring and the Fourth of July, so I shortened her quote to: “Spring is in the air / There’s magic ev’rywhere / When you’re young and in love … / Each night seems just like the Fourth of July.”

For the image, I was thinking about flowers that look like fireworks, and found this photo by Cary Maures to be perfect inspiration. Of course, what’s perfect in my mind is sometimes not quite so in execution. More impressionistic than realistic.


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