Eggplant ecstasy

I painted a series of cards inspired by a post from the North East Ohio Garden blogger, of a day lily called talon + eggplant ecstasy (for the inspiration see here Seasonal Contradiction). I forgot of course that etegami isn’t exactly a precise instrument, especially for a curvy, boldly-colored flower like this one. Bold colors are hard to bring to life in etegami as gansai colors are rather soft, and sumi ink is heavy.

After I made peace with this imprecision, I rather like the results. I have my favorite. Let me know your favorite, by taking this poll, or commenting below


Eggplant Day Lily Half 2.SpringMadness.2013-03-16
1. Left Side, A Little Madness
2. Top Side, A Little Madness
3. Whole Flower, A Little Madness
4. Life, a blatant act of imagination
5. Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy

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