A fish in water!

A while ago I shared this fish as a work-in-progress.  Here is the end result, with the poem by Yukawa Hideki.

This is intended as a gift for my mother, as a remembrance of my father, who loved to fish. I miss him a lot.


The poem is by Yukawa Hideki (湯川秀樹), a Nobel-prize winning physicist who was also a well-known student of Chinese philosophy and traditional Japanese poetry. I wrote a thesis on him, long ago, back in my incarnation as a Japanese history PhD student, focusing on the history of science in 20th-century Japan, especially the moral dilemmas facing Japanese scientists during and after the Second World War. The poem is translated:

There are memories
which resemble
the beautiful pebbles
beneath the flow
of passing water.

(source:  Oriori no Uta: Poems for all seasons, edited by Ooka Makoto, translated by Janine Beichman; Kodansha 2002)



  1. Just lovely! I like the idea that the pebbles are as memories — subtle and winking up through the water. Beautifully drawn too!

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