Nonbiri daisies

Daisies cheer up any dreadfully hot and humid day in DC — and there are a lot of daisies and dreadfully hot and humid days in DC!

One of my etegami friends, Shungo, sent me some hand-made paper and I decided to try it out with some daisy motifs. The paper, he told me, wouldn’t absorb very well, and when applying a stamp you had to push very hard. You can see I didn’t do so well on the second one, in getting the stamp to show up distinctly. I love the texture of the paper — very bumpy and rough. For these photos I left the ragged edges showing so you can see them. I sent one of them to the guy who sent me the paper — hope you like it Shungo (see some of his work that he has send me here).

For the word, I chose a single word, “nonbiri” (のんびり), which means cheerful or easy-going. It’s a word that appears on one of Shungo’s stamps (hanko).

I feel like the flower centers on these cards look like Hersey’s kisses!
Daisy.Nonbiri2.07-13-13 Daisy.Nonbiri3.07-13-13


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