DC Logan Circle


The flag of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC), with buildings from Logan Circle behind it (fun walking tour of Logan here; basic info here)

This etegami was the fruit of a previous “mistake.” I had painted the DC flag, with buildings from Logan Circle, a neighborhood I used to live in Washington DC, almost a year ago, but never liked the words I’d put on it. I cut out the image and had it in a box, waiting for some inspiration.

I found myself listening to the Magnetic Fields song “Washington DC,” a song that I have used excerpts from a couple times (once for spring on this blog, and once for fall, but don’t seem to have posted that one), and decided to use it again, pulling just the first line of the following stanza.

Washington DC, It fits me to a T
It’s not the people doing something real
It’s not the way the springtime makes you feel, no, no, no
It ain’t no famous name on a golden plaque
That makes me ride that railroad track
It’s my baby’s kiss that keeps me coming back

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