There’s a bit of magic in everything



I finally have gotten back to etegami these past couple of weeks. The trees have been obliging with lots of inspiring foliage, and I’ve been able to get out to do some hiking to collect leaves — the pile of rustle-y, dried-up leaves on my desk keeps growing.

Reds, oranges, greens, yellows.

Today I finished a series of leaves, and was searching for words to use on the cards. I have a file on Evernote where I compile quotations from poems, songs, essays, and puns, as well as my own words that might be useful in etegami. Nothing was inspiring me.

Then I heard of the passing of Lou Reed today, at the age of 71. There is a line from a 1990s song of his, Magic and Loss: A summation, that really felt right —

There’s a bit of magic in everything,
and some loss to even things out.


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    1. Hi Jan, Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry for the delay in responding, time seemed to have escaped me for a month or two.
      I am very glad you like my homage to Lou Reed.

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