Beaver-tail Cactus Flower

I recently went to Joshua Tree National Park in California. For some reason, despite living in California all of  my childhood and early adulthood I never made it there.

We went in late winter, when everyone said all the desert flowers would be in bloom. We found tons of beaver-tail cactus, named for their flat pads spiked with thorns, and many of them had the buds of flowers, but it wasn’t till late in trip that I found this beauty at The Whitewater Preserve, outside of Palm Springs.

Beaver-tail Cactus Flower
Beaver-tail Cactus Flower

I have spent many hours trying to replicate this in etegami. The hot flourescence of the pink is tricky, the texture of the pad is hard, and the bud, to the left is impossible.

I share with you some of my results below. The first one is of a blooming cactus flower, and the second is of a bud, as seen in the photo, towards the left.

All in all:  cacti are really hard to capture.

Beavertailcactusflower.2014-03-30 Beavertailcactusflowerbud.2014-03-30


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