My Inbox: some flowers and birds from Marie, Linda, and Ina!

A few etegami I have receive over the last month or so — I have been derelict in posting!

14028609638371_resizedThe above is from Marie in France. She translates the words as “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” The flowers are from her garden and are called in French “porte-bonheur” — I see she did a bit of wordplay here, with the word happiness (“bonheur”).

14028610321621_resizedThe second, from Linda in St. Louis, is a lovely orchid (?), with the words from Shunryu Suzuki “The world is its own magic.”14028610034401_resizedAnd last, but not least, is a duo of cards from Ina in Lithuania. The words on the second one, in Lithuania, reads “What’s new?”



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