Cicadian rhythm

Brood X cicadas are upon us here in the mid-Atlantic. I know some might disagree but I love their red eyes and droning and bumbling flight patterns! I guess they are a bit of an irritation when they make drivers run into poles or muck up President Biden’s travel plans

I painted a few cicadas over the last few weeks… nothing near the billions that are emerging from the earth after their 17-year cycle. And of course I couldn’t resist the circadian / “cicadian” rhythm pun, with a dose of Gershwin lyrics that I’ve adulterated!

The first and third were drew base on WolfKann’s photo on Instagram here. The middle one was based on my own photo, taken at Meadowlark Garden in McLean VA.

“Trust the cicadian rhythm”
“I got cicadian rhythm, I got cicadian music” — borrowing with apologies from Ira and George Gershwin!
“I got cicadian rhythm, who could ask for anything more?” — again borrowed from the Gershwin lyrics!

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