This is my etegami journal. I use it to keep track of etegami I’ve made, for whom, with some notes about how I made them.

What is etegami? A wonderful artist called Dosankodebbie has provided a helpful explanation of what etegami is, here. Her summary:

“Traditional etegami is: (1) hand-drawn artwork accompanied by hand-drawn words on postcards, and (2) usually depicts subjects from everyday life, especially those that reflect the changing of the seasons.”

In another post, she translates a brief, 7-point list on the fundamentals of etegami, here.  The key is awkwardness.  “Awkwardness in etegami is fine– even desirable.”

A note about categories: these are in flux, but I try to apply a librarian’s technique in categorizing what I do (I am, after all, a librarian). In particular you may see, and find confusing, categories called “low nijimi,” “medium nijimi,” and “high nijimi.” These I will soon hope to delineate, with a page dedicated to “categories.”

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