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My inbox: Shunbun (equinox) by Carol

An elegant black and white etegami from Carol in California…. received over a month ago, before the equinox.

Carol writes that she used to do politics for a living, and that it’s nice to see _something_ in balance.

Very true… written from week three of the government shutdown. Luckily my job isn’t affected, but my husband’s is.

Maybe this week will see resolution.

My Inbox: pumpkin and sunflower from Tatsuaki

Today I feature two lovely etegami I got from Tatsuaki in Japan. I love his traditional etegami style — I try to emulate his use of while spaces. Now, with these two, I… Continue reading

My Inbox: Flowers from Hideko

A couple flower etegami from Hideko in Japan. The words on the first one mean “I can hear the footfalls of autumn.” The second one means “Why don’t you trust your instincts?”

My inbox: a recipe and my famous cat Joxter from Debbie in Japan

Two wonderful cards from Debbie, in Sapporo. The first is of my cat Joxter, who is proving to be quite the model! The second is a recipe card Debbie sent in thanks for… Continue reading

My inbox: Morning Glories from Yoshiko in Yokohama

Morning glories from Yoshiko!

My inbox: a bell from Fumiko in Japan

A lovely wind chime/bell that is common in Japan — its cool tingling sound is supposed to be refreshing to hear in the heat of summer.

My inbox: happy midsummer greetings from Carol in San Diego

Grateful for the midsummer greetings from Carol, who notes on the back that she has been to DC and knows exactly how hot it gets!

My Inbox: butterflies and books from Carolyn!

A couple of lovely etegami from Carolyn, a fellow librarian!

My Inbox: A rose etegami from Carol, in California

A lovely rose from Carol’s garden in California — I love how she painted the shaded part a contrasting color! Excuse the pin — I have put this up on my wall of… Continue reading

My inbox: Joxter, by Hideko from Japan

This was a grand surprise, and privilege, to get a portrait of my cat Joxter done etegami-style by Hideko. As you may recall a couple weeks ago, I received an elegant flower etegami… Continue reading