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My Inbox: Smiling Flower from Hideko, in Japan

I received a finely painted flower etegami by Hideko, from Japan, along with a postcard of “緑の風のなかで”, by Iwasaki Chihiro. Hideko’s etegami says, “Smile, smile.” My cat Joxter is posing with the gifts… Continue reading

My Inbox: Nonbiri Oranges from Shungo!

It’s always a happy day when I find an etegami in my mailbox, and it’s doubly so when the sender also gives me a couple of nice postcards so I can return the… Continue reading

My Inbox: Footsies from Cole!

A cute etegami of feet, with a line from Pablo Neruda “When I cannot look at your face, I look at your feet.” I wish my feet were as cute! Thanks Cole!

My Inbox: Flowers and more from Fumiko!

A lovely etegami of flowers, along with little pieces of paper with imprints from her hand-made stamps. I envision using them to add to cards in the future, collage-style.

My inbox: Eggplant wordplay from Debbie!

I was so excited to find this in my inbox today, from Debbie, of Dosankodebbie’s Etegami Notebook! The words on it, すなになす, is a bit of Japanese wordplay, in which the sentence is… Continue reading

Strawberry from Tatsuaki!

A happy little strawberry from Tatsuaki, along with a photo of a lovely magnolia etegami!

A sumi tulip, a haiku, and a flower, from Kasia in Poland

A lovely pair of etegami from Kasia in Poland. Her sumi-e tulip card features what she says is one of her first haikus! She will soon be getting a colored tulip from me!

My Inbox: Iris from Fumiko

A lovely spring etegami of an iris, by Fumiko in Japan. My rough translation of her words: “How many seeds of happiness can you sow today?” (今日は何粒幸せのたねと蒔けるかな)

My Inbox: An “Oxymoron” from Debbie in Sapporo

A wonderful etegami featuring a definition of “oxymoron,” from Dosanko Debbie (if you haven’t, you should go to her etegami page, browse, and be sure to bookmark it or add it to your… Continue reading

My Inbox: Greetings from two California Girls

Two happy etegami, one from Rachel in San Diego, with the paper cranes, the other drone Claire in San Francisco, with the Wordsworth quotation. So happy, I posed them in my little backyard… Continue reading