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Kokeshi from Shungo

A cute woodblock print etegami card from Shungo in Yokohama. The red stamp on the upper right says 夢の途中 (yume no tochuu), or “In the midst of dreams.” The doll is known as… Continue reading

My Inbox: Hawaiian Flowers from Shay

A lovely spring flower etegami from Shay in Hawaii. The words read “spring is here.” Thank you!

My Inbox: Daruma Buddha from Shungo

Awesome Daruma Buddha, from Shungo in Yokohama! Daruma is the Japanese name of the Bodhidharma, a 5-6th century CE Buddhist who is said to have established Chan (Zen) Buddhism. His origins are disputed,… Continue reading

My Inbox: Iris, from Linda in St Louis!

Happy to come home tonight, from the opening night of DCist Exposed, featuring a great photo of a bird by a friend, Angela N., to find this lively etegami from Linda. Now, to… Continue reading

My inbox: friendship blossoms

Fresh, cheerful sakura blossoms, painted by Carol B from California. She says she’s just been experimenting with gansai paints and washi paper… I think she’s doing a great job. Lovely! I also like… Continue reading

Blue flowers from Kasia, Poland

Lovely blue flowers from Kasia in Poland!

An orange and a butterfly, from Tatsuaki in Osaka

Two lovely cards received 4 March 2013, from Tatsuaki Maekawa, Osaka, Japan

Snowman Valentine from Debbie

Received 25 February 2013. A snowman Valentine, from Debbie Davidson, (dosankodebbie), Sapporo, Japan

My Inbox: An Abstract Etegami, plus two hanko from Shungo!

Received around 1 December 2012, a card, plus two (!) hand-carved hanko, from Shungo Asada, Yokohama, Japan.