Peanuts and Coke and Whiskey

Everyone knows chocolate and peanuts are magical together. People in the US South think coke and peanuts are pretty special together too. Add whiskey:  sublime. This etegami is a cocktail recipe for the… Continue reading

My Inbox: Flowers from Hideko

A couple flower etegami from Hideko in Japan. The words on the first one mean “I can hear the footfalls of autumn.” The second one means “Why don’t you trust your instincts?”


Rounding out my week of veggies with a daikon.  What’s a daikon, you ask? Only the most wonderful, sorta spicy, large radish in existence! I bought a daikon to make a daikon/carrot pickle… Continue reading


I was all set to post yet another vegetable etegami this week, only to realize that the tomato is… actually a fruit, not a vegetable at all. Oh well! Sending this out as… Continue reading


Starting out a week of veggie etegami, all painted to be sent out as thank yous! Today is a zucchini, one of the robust summer veggies that often overwhelm gardens and and plates… Continue reading

Give a fig

I love figs. I love puns. I love putting together figgy puns.

Goodbye summer?

I recently learned, from Dosankodebbie, of a Japanese poetic pastime called “finding a tiny autumn,” in which you seek out the subtle changes in nature as summer ends. This expression is not used… Continue reading

John Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Earlier this month we spent some time at Glacier National Park, in Montana, and Waterton Lakes Park, in Canada. I have a slew of photos, especially of monkey flowers, chipmunks, deer, mossy trees, and… Continue reading

Hi there!

Sunflower, drawn after walking home along a street with sunflowers taller than me. I didn’t know what words I would use at first, but the way the leaves turned out sort of seemed… Continue reading

My inbox: a recipe and my famous cat Joxter from Debbie in Japan

Two wonderful cards from Debbie, in Sapporo. The first is of my cat Joxter, who is proving to be quite the model! The second is a recipe card Debbie sent in thanks for… Continue reading