Daikon.arigajupiki.09-01-13Rounding out my week of veggies with a daikon.  What’s a daikon, you ask? Only the most wonderful, sorta spicy, large radish in existence!

I bought a daikon to make a daikon/carrot pickle for a barbecue — it’s great to use as a topping on hot dogs, not to mention on banh mi, or to just eat plain, straight from the jar. I painted it as it came from the market, with the greens cut short.

I used a recipe for daikon/carrot pickles (namasu) from Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s Japanese Farm Food as inspiration for my pickles, with a few alterations (here’s a version of her recipe, but I recommend buying her book to use the original and also to read all her wonderful commentary on living and cooking in Japan).




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