You’re a Hoot!

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Spaghetti Western

A silly little haiku for one of the early prompts, “pasta”, for NaHaiWriMo. There’s a story behind the haiku — it involves me as a kid, a strainer, and a rocking horse. There… Continue reading

Spaghetti Western

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Hoo’s there?

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Queen of all colors

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3 Economical Birds — Before and After

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Eggs and NaHaiWriMo

February, the shortest month, is, appropriately enough, National Haiku Writing Month. I’m trying my best to participate via the Facebook page, and featuring some on etegami too. February 2 prompt:  Eggs. Beautiful. Hardy.… Continue reading

Lotus flower, plus a new ant hanko

A lotus flower for my sister, with a quote from What’s Love Got to Do with It? Inspiration for the flower drawn from this photo by Charles Sloger I found via Pinterest. I’m… Continue reading


Recently I bought an ink pen professing to be “waterproof”:  the Akashiya New Brush Pen — Super Fine — Black (Waterproof ink). “Waterproof ink” is right there in the title of the product.… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2013, the Year of the Snake

I never get around to sending Christmas cards. There is too much going on in December:  work, presents, work, parties, work parties, work. The week following Christmas, however, seems a perfect time to… Continue reading