Happy New Year 2013, the Year of the Snake

I never get around to sending Christmas cards. There is too much going on in December:  work, presents, work, parties, work parties, work. The week following Christmas, however, seems a perfect time to… Continue reading

etegami basics: a simple birthday etegami

Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to think of something clever to paint for someone. Then I reread this great post by Dosankodebbie about the basics of etegami and remember that it’s not the… Continue reading

My Inbox: An Abstract Etegami, plus two hanko from Shungo!

Received around 1 December 2012, a card, plus two (!) hand-carved hanko, from Shungo Asada, Yokohama, Japan.

Autumn leaves a handful of etegami

This first etegami, of a maple leaf, with poetry from Shoutetsu (正徹), was mailed to Gail for a (late! sorry!) birthday..  Poem is titled “Grass roots”, and the words translate to:  “I hear… Continue reading

Moomin, in contemplation

I should clarify, Moomin the cat, notMoomin the Finnish cartoon character. Painted from a photo, see below — I got most of her spots right save for that errant blotch on her head.… Continue reading

Spice bouquet

A bouquet of spice, beautiful and delicious.  The Japanese reads, “Thank you for the bouquet of spices!”

Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy blew in and out of DC earlier this week, keeping me at home instead of work. Intermingled with teleworking, I also did a little etegami, inspired by my cats, Moomin (the… Continue reading

Dandelions… Inspired by Shungo, Santoku, and Norway

My literary inspiration:   a Santoku poem, “A dandelion bloomed on the road today.” Another etegami painter, Shungo Asada, shared it with me recently. My visual inspiration:  Norwegian dandelions from a photo I took… Continue reading


Painted for someone who recently lost a family member. The words read “No one can have more than one life,” from a Japanese poem by Toki Zenmaru (土岐善麿). The flowers on this etegami… Continue reading

Plums from Norway

Following the path of many tourists to Norway, we found ourselves in the Sognfjord area, and stayed overnight a couple nights in Balestrand (aka Balholm). Also in the wake of tourists, we tried… Continue reading