on stamps for etegami

Alison's hanko

Alison's hankoThis is my one of my hankos that I use on my etegami. A hanko is a stamp or seal or chop. Another one I use simply has my first initial “ア” in the Japanese katakana syllabary (if you’re curious about what that is, here is a useful explanation). I made the ant hanko with an eraser and an exacto knife, per instructions in Dosankodebbie’s Etegami Notebook blog. I highly recommend that post, and all her posts, for a guide on getting started in etegami.

Why did I choose an ant? When I lived in Japan and was searching for a good kanji combination for my enkan, or legal seal of my name, I discovered that there really isn’t a whole lot that combines nicely to create something akin to “Alison.”  The funniest one, I think at least, is “蟻孫” or “ant’s ancestor”, thus I picked up the “ant” part of the combo. (Of course, I didn’t end up using “ant” as my legal seal, for official use, such as picking up my paycheck. Rather, my boss chose the more regal looking “英理”, “enlightened learning.” The first character is used for “English”, making it particularly useful as I was then an English.”)

Still, for etegami, an image of an ant works.


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