the super moon and ogiwara seisensui

Moon etegami, with poem by Ogiwara SeisensuiEtegami composed to celebrate the “super moon” of 5 May 2012 (details here from WBUR, NPR). The words translate to:  ‎”it walks the sky, cloudless, / clear: the moon alone.” The poet is Ogiwara Seisensui. Source: Oriori no uta: Poems for all seasons, translated by Janine Beichman; poems collected and annotated, in Japanese, by Ooka Makoto.

Paper: low nijimi (I think Western watercolor type of paper).

Ideas for further interpretation: I love the poem, and would like to work the moon kanji (月) more to actually comprise the image of the moon. That would thus be more of a crescent moon.


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