What to do with all this mint?

etegarmi of recipe for mint lime cucumber agua fresca

This is a perfect recipe for anyone with bunches and bunches of mint growing in the yard. The recipe I use is Mint Lime Cucumber Agua Fresca, from Elise of Simply Recipes — starting making this last summer, to cool off from the hot humid buggy summers DC is known for. I’ve almost been hoping it would get hot and humid just so I could have an excuse to make a batch.

Although it wasn’t quite hot enough today, I made this for a small lunch party. It complimented the chicken souvlaki (I used this recipe as a start, but skipped their version of tzatziki and made this instead, from David Lebovitz’s blog). Dessert was  rhubarb fool — I started with Lottie+Doof’s recipe here, but since I didn’t have rosewater, cardamom pods, or vanilla seeds, I just winged it, pulling on some ideas from thefirstmess’s version here. I thought at the last minute this morning I’d make some crisp oatmeal lace cookies to go along with the fool.  When the first batch from this recipe just wouldn’t crisp up, I ended up dumping all the cookie dough into the fool for some texture. One of the pickier eaters, a 9 year old, said it was super and kept trying to steal extra servings when his mom wasn’t looking.

About the materials used in this etegami:  low nijimi postcard stock from Japan; gansai paints; black calligraphy brush pen.


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