Bloody Martini Recipe

Saturday night’s menu:

  • Smoked paprika fish I used mahi mahi instead of swordfish, and I would recommend half as much pinenuts, and perhaps a sucosh more smoked paprika. Make sure you get smoked paprika; the regular stuff just doesn’t cut it.
  • Zucchini carpaccio Nixed the pinenuts, and shredded the parmesan cheese, and used parsley instead of mint.
  • Some leftover bread from a new pizzeria in town, Menomale (highly recommend for their Neopolitan pizza, pescatore salad, and beer menu).

I usually think recipes that require I seed tomatoes are stupid. I like tomato seeds. But I knew I could put those seeds to good use — in a mixed drink. I call it a Bloody Martini*.

*(I had thought I’d invented something. A Google search tells me otherwise.)


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