My Inbox: An “Oxymoron” from Debbie in Sapporo

A wonderful etegami featuring a definition of “oxymoron,” from Dosanko Debbie (if you haven’t, you should go to her etegami page, browse, and be sure to bookmark it or add it to your RSS feeds, you’ll thank me later). You’ll find, by browsing her site that she has a few other etegami featuring definitions:  Wild Oats; Waffle.I also love her recent post on the idiomatic use of “figs.”

In this etegami she sent me, I love the imagery she uses to visually illustrate the word,”oxymoron.” She writes on the back, “I love that etegami unites word and images. I imagine that appeals to you too.” It does indeed.

Card is posed with newly planted flower, Tequila Sunrise, in front of my house.