pick one

“pick one, / let’s have it for dinner” (hitotsu moide gohan ni shyou)   This etegami features a curvaceous butternut … More

you are buddhaful

This is a long-overdue post, drafted in winter about a winter fruit called the Buddha’s Hand citron. I was reminded … More

Angel frappe

One more watermelon etegami of the year, this time featuring a cocktail recipe I worked up this summer, the Angel … More

How about a grape?

Another pun for the week, following on the Japanese lemon pun… this one is again in Japanese, and reads “ぶどうひとつぶ、どう?” … More

Summer smiles

  We are having one last semi-summery weekend in DC in early October… 

When you’ve got lemons

  you make a lemony pun in Japanese, right? The card reads “レモンの入れもん” (remon no iremon), which means, basically, “a … More

DC Club Cocktail

Happy Friday to you! Here’s a little cocktail I concocted, using Green Hat gin, from the DC-based distillery New Columbia … More

Yellow Curry Soup

I got this recipe from here –the recipe may not seem that exciting, but this is delicious soup. And, if … More

Coq au vin

A classic French meal… and really quite easy!