Gingko leaves

Gingko leaves, subtly yellowing in the fallGingko.NoFeelingisFinal.1.2013-11-17

I finally got around to painting some gingko leaves, after being inspired by a card I received from Shungo.

The first etegami is on high-bleed washi card stock — you can see the sumi is quite “blobby” and the color ran as it wished beyond the lines. The works are from a line of poetry of Rainer Marie Rilke, a German poet. I heard this poem on the radio some time ago, on the NPR show “On Being,” which I only hazily listen to as my radio tries to wake me on Sunday mornings. The poem struck me enough to get me to find my phone and type in the words and the poet’s name.

The second card is on a less “bleedy” type of washi that I use when I’m practicing an image. The words are from Larry McMurtry — I’ve used them before and will likely use them again!



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