I want to ride my bicycle!

Bicycle model courtesy of Capital Bikeshare, Washington DC

Words courtesy of Queen, of course

CapBikeShare.IWanttoRideMyBike.Queen.2013-11-17There will be no bicycling today, as DC is having a snow day. Currently huddled up at Kafe Bohem, drinking coffee and doing some work. And thinking about getting a hot toddy…



  1. I spent the last hour wandering through your wonderful site! It is like a gallery and the thoughts and quotes are so well chosen. Thank you for creating this site. And we have something in common– I worked as a student at the Department of Special Collections at University of California, Davis. It was not a library job with books, either! It was rare prints, journals, letters, paintings, wine labels, lug labels and amazing ephemera! But, it was a place where true minds could meet and discuss ideas and art.

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