My inbox: Holiday Bounty!

My mailbox has been overflowing this December, and I’ve gotten quite behind in posting what I’ve received. Here is a longish post recording the etegami, and other arts, I have received from many folks across the world.image

Above:  hand-carved hanko (stamps) from Shungo in Yokohama.  I especially love the one that superimposes the A and the L — I’ve bee using that a lot lately.image

Above are a a couple of items from Marie in France — the 3D Christmas tree I’ve had decorating my dinner table all month.

And the next two photos show what Fumiko from Japan sent me — a cut out candle holder made of paper, a Christmas card, and, in the foreground, her New Year’s card for 2014, with a zebra on it to represent the year of the horse. The following picture is from the backside of her card — it’s her hanko or stamp.


wpid-20131229_171405_3rd-St-NW-1.jpgBelow is a pair of cards from Tatsuaki in Japan, who paints in a very traditional etegami style that I love.  On the left, the card reads “I haven’t enough fingers on which to count my blessings.”


A lovely laminated card from Patricia in California, with cats among the pumpkins.image

A trio from Yoshiko! I particularly love the stamp on the middle card — it appears to be a horse smoking a pipe? See the detail below.image


Below is a card from Carolyn in Australia — a good reminder to sit tall.image

Super cute face on this otter, from Debbie in Hokkaido, Japan. She writes that this is her illustration of an Ainu folktale.image

A radish from Lisa in California!



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