from the punny archive — my Valentine to you

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last year I had my bootie in gear — I published a series of punny Valentines, and even managed to make one for my man. This year he got a card I bought from Kiss and Punch — Yeti for some Oh-la-la. (Oh, yes, I cannot resist a pun, no matter how far-fetched. But… a yeti! in a beret! with the Eiffel Tower!)

This year is a different story. Even with snow days galore in DC in 2014, I haven’t had much time for painting.

So I gift you this Valentine’s Day with lovey puns from the past year or so.Figs.IGiveAFigForYou.2.1.07-13-13

“I give a fig for you” — first published 9/4/13Beet.Heartbeets.07-28-13

“Heart beets” — first published 7/31/13Pepper.FiredUp.2013-06-16

“all fired up!” — first published 7/4/13carrots.loveyoubunches.2013-06-01“love you bunches” — first published 6/26/13 Duck.WaddleIDo..2013-05-18

“waddle i do without you?” — first published 9/19/13Candy Heart "QT Pi" etegami

“qt pi” — first published on Pi day, 2013QuackUp.Valentine1.2-8-13

“I would quack up without you” — first published 2/11/13HootOwl.Valentine.2-8-13“you’re a hoot” — first published 2/10/13



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