February mikan

MikanFebruary.2014-02-20The fruit at the market is looking very pathetic. Wrinkled, parched, wretched. Even the tangerines (mikan in Japanese, “cuties” in recent parlance in the US) are pale cousins of the wonderful treats that enlivened December and January. The other day, out of desperation I think, my husband bought a peach… it turned grey and wrinkled itself, even as its flesh stayed hard.

I wrote this little haiku, as I dream of summer peaches.

Wrinkled and parched
February mikan make me
Dream of summer peaches.



  1. The haiku is very descriptive of the doldrums of fruit in winter. Once , while living in a tiny town in Montana, I was so homesick for California and its fresh harvests. In winter in Montana, the selection was limited– carrot, cabbage, potato and some shriveled , dull fruit. When I visit my relatives in DC I only see good fruit at Whole Foods. Hang in there! Spring has almost arrived here!

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