Put a sun in Sunday, Sunday!

PutaSuninSundaySunday.GertrudeStein.BellPepper.2014-03-30  It’s March 30th, in Washington, DC, Sunday.

And it’s raining and sleeting.

This really isn’t like you, DC, but if it means we’ll have a milder than usual summer this year, I’m good with the cold right now.

I spent the cold, windy, sleeting day today painting. I had on hand some bell peppers for models, and made some use of their bright, sunny countenances. They are on hand for a cocktail recipe I’m working on called “Fresno Margarita.” Fresno as in the Fresno chile. Look for the cocktail recipe for it soon!

The first card above has the first line from a Gertrude Stein poem, “Yet Dish” — “Put the sun in Sunday, Sunday.” It’s a great opening line. The rest of the poem is a tour de force of Steinian wordplay.

The second etegami features a verse from the U2 song “Where the streets have no name” — “I want to feel the sunlight on my face.” I had been listening to the Joshua Tree album as I worked on another series of cacti from the Joshua Tree National Park in California. I don’t know if I’ll use any of the U2 lyrics for those etegami, but this particular line resonates with me today.IWanttoFeeltheSun.Pepper.2014-03-30

Finally, I found myself a little peckish and headed out into the cold to Grassroots Gourmet, a local bakery in my neighborhood. I picked out a kahlua chocolate cupcake. The contours of the frosting were so luxurious and voluptuous I found myself drawing them, and ended up with the etegami below. Rather than paint it brown, I opted to paint the mint chocolate cupcake they had — green is more etegami-friendly than brown, and lessened the possibility that the cupcake would look like poo! I’ll drop this card in the mail soon!



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