the purple violet sweet

wildviolet.VioletsWhisperfromtheshade.2015.04-27Violets are everywhere: lawns, on the side of the road, in the cracks on the sidewalk, gardens, on hiking paths. Apparently they are weeds and the internet is full of strategies for killing them. I like them, so tiny and sweet.

I took a couple of photos of violets this weekend, on a hike in Rock Creek Park in Washington DC, and came home to paint some etegami.

The card above is a collage — the words I first painted on the card didn’t come out right, so I salvaged the image and pulled together the card. The words are from a Christina Rossetti poem: “Violets whisper from the shade.”  日本語訳:「スミレは日陰から囁く。

The first features some paraphrased words from a Charlotte Bronte poem:  “Wandering in the greenwoods, I have gathered the purple violet sweet.” Charlotte Bronte の詩です 。直訳し過ぎ、詩的ではないですけど:「緑の森の中でさまよって、甘い紫色のスミレを集めていた」



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