Consider the lilies

“Consider the lilies”

This etegami features a line that I thought originated from a couple of 19th-century poets I’m familiar with —  a poem by Christina Rosetti and a personal letter by Emily Dickinson, in which she said that “consider the lilies” is the only commandment she ever obeyed.

The line originates in the Bible, Luke 12:27, something I, as a non-religious person, discovered only after researching the quotation. If I’d been more astute, I would have investigated more closely what Dickinson meant by “consider the lilies” being the only commandment she obeyed.

I would pass a yard on U St NW, near 6th St., Washington DC, with the most gorgeous canna lilies (I’m pretty sure that’s what they are, if Dave’s Garden is right) standing strong and bright well into fall. I kept trying to paint these flowers, they are very tricky to do etegami-style. Here’s my photo, with a rain-dappled lily. My painting is sans rain.  cannalily.considerthelilies.UStNWDC.2015-09-14


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