Happy New Year of the Monkey, 2016


I’m a day late in posting these — both virtually, here on the the blog, as well as posting the old-fashioned way, in the mail.

The new year, 2016, is the year of the monkey. I had a few etegami ideas based on puns… “Barrel full of monkeys”, “monkey business” — but they didn’t really pan out when I tried painting them.

My favorite card ended up being this one, modeled on a photo of a snow monkey from Japan. The Japanese words say “Uki uki saru”, or “Excited monkey!” It’s a sort of pun, as monkeys say in Japanese ウッキー, “ukki”!2015-12-06_NewYear_Monkey2016_redbackHere’s another color I tried, gold paint. It’s a lot more sparkly in real life!2015-12-06_NewYear_GoldUkiUkiMonkey2016

2015-12-06_NewYear_ukiuki.recliningMonkey.2016  2015-12-06_NewYear_Monkey.2016



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