Happy New Year 2018

Looking forward to 2018. So much so, I thought last night was New Years Eve. Happy year of the dog… or at least it will be the year of the happy dog. Wait, it’s always the year of the happy dog…

As usual, I did a few different cards. I did a few versions of a yellow lab, with the words “Looking forward to 2018.” Then, in a block printing class I took at the Smithsonian this fall, I did a block of a dog’s face, with Japanese words that pun on the Japanese version of “bow-wow”, “wan wan”,「ワンダフルな一年に2018」. It translates to “Wishing you a wonderful 2018,” and the pun is tricky to explain if you don’t know Japanese. Finally, I did another etegami card, drawn from a photo of my friend’s dog Rupert smelling a daffodil, using the Japanese pun greeting for the new year.

Wishing you all a punderful new year!






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