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My inbox: Joxter, by Hideko from Japan

This was a grand surprise, and privilege, to get a portrait of my cat Joxter done etegami-style by Hideko. As you may recall a couple weeks ago, I received an elegant flower etegami… Continue reading

delicate creatures and insomnia

Ending the week* as I started it, on a cat note. Here are Joxter and Moomin, in a typical pose. The words are from Joseph Wood Krutch: “Cats are rather delicate creatures… but… Continue reading

Sink cat

A little etegami of a cat in a sink, inspired by this image and poem from the blog Stories with no Books. The cat’s name is Siri, and blogger recounted a night when… Continue reading

Moomin, in contemplation

I should clarify, Moomin the cat, notMoomin the Finnish cartoon character. Painted from a photo, see below — I got most of her spots right save for that errant blotch on her head.… Continue reading

Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy blew in and out of DC earlier this week, keeping me at home instead of work. Intermingled with teleworking, I also did a little etegami, inspired by my cats, Moomin (the… Continue reading