Italian almond cookies

Perfect cookies! I used this recipe from David Lebovitz. The apricot jam part of the recipe is key. Oh, and of course the almond flour. AND making sure you whip the egg whites… Continue reading

My Inbox: Debbie

“Whooping and stomping as sane people ought to do when they encounter a thing so miraculous as water.” Marilynne Robinson, Gilead I don’t usually presume to know others’ reading interests, despite being a… Continue reading

My Inbox: Fumiko

This supernatural-looking bird is from Fumiko in Japan!

Radishes and salt

So simple and beautiful — radishes and salt. Sometimes I chop some up while I’m cooking dinner, or save them as an accompaniment.  


I love ratatouille. One thing I sometimes add to this — bell pepper. My recipe is scrawled on a piece of paper from a FaceBook message from a friend. I change it up… Continue reading

My Inbox: some flowers and birds from Marie, Linda, and Ina!

A few etegami I have receive over the last month or so — I have been derelict in posting! The above is from Marie in France. She translates the words as “Happiness is… Continue reading

Pesto Crack!

I love this recipe from Closet Cooking. It is like crack. If crack were good for you. I have turned numerous people on to this insanely good recipe. One of my colleagues threatened… Continue reading

The cuke

A delicious tipple for the summer, TheKitchn — I usually halve the recipe as this makes 6 drinks. Next time I have a party though, I’ll double it. Two key changes to the… Continue reading


This REALLY is a great tzatziki recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen. I have made it over and over again. There are some recipes with less steps (say, that skip salting the cucumbers) — they… Continue reading

Roasted Raab

My cousin owns and runs a farm in Washington state, Red Dog Farms. In a recent email newsletter she writes about raab, otherwise known as rabe, or rapini. She explains that a raab… Continue reading