My Inbox: a happy birthday card from Mom!

It’s my birthday. My gift from the weather gods was a snow day the day before, thus I got a great three-day weekend. My gift from my Mom — other than life itself,… Continue reading

My Inbox: Birds of a Feather…

This week, my inbox seemed to turn into a nest for a couple of wonderful ducks. First, I received this luscious kirigami (cut paper) card from Fumiko of Japan. The bird is an… Continue reading

The fire of a radish

The words are from author Tom Robbins, in Jitterbug Perfume: the fire of a radish is a cold fire. I fear my radishes here are a little too cheerful, not “cold” enough. The… Continue reading

My Inbox: a flower from Yoshiko in Japan

her words: “Come quickly spring!”

Stamp making!

I’m visiting a high school friend and her family and wanted to make her kids, Liam and Zoe, stamps (hanko) as a little gift. If we have time, maybe even paint! The first… Continue reading

Sticky Little Leaves

I may not believe in the order of the universe, yet I love the sticky little leaves as they open in the spring — Dostoevsky, Brothers Karamazov Recently I read a memoir, Plenty… Continue reading

My Inbox: 2 lovelies from Tatsuaki in Japan

I can see a lot of bright in you

A sliver of one last blood orange, with a sliver of a lyric from Sufjan Stevens, “I can see a lot of bright in you,” from the song, “That dress looks nice on… Continue reading

There will be blood orange

“Booze is a busy, busy muse,” says Rosie Schaap in a Food 52 interview about her book Drinking with Men, a memoir told through the bars she has loved. I can’t wait to get a… Continue reading

February mikan

The fruit at the market is looking very pathetic. Wrinkled, parched, wretched. Even the tangerines (mikan in Japanese, “cuties” in recent parlance in the US) are pale cousins of the wonderful treats that… Continue reading