My Inbox: Astemeria from Patricia in California

Last week, on my birthday no less, I found this elegant little etegami in my mailbox from Patricia in California, with the words “You don’t have to know…” and bright yellow astemeria flowers… Continue reading

My Inbox: swan from Marie Francoise in France

After all the grey comes the green Spring comes after winter And after the rain, the beautiful time. (French poet Claude Roy)

My Inbox: a happy birthday card from Mom!

It’s my birthday. My gift from the weather gods was a snow day the day before, thus I got a great three-day weekend. My gift from my Mom — other than life itself,… Continue reading

My Inbox: Birds of a Feather…

This week, my inbox seemed to turn into a nest for a couple of wonderful ducks. First, I received this luscious kirigami (cut paper) card from Fumiko of Japan. The bird is an… Continue reading

The fire of a radish

The words are from author Tom Robbins, in Jitterbug Perfume: the fire of a radish is a cold fire. I fear my radishes here are a little too cheerful, not “cold” enough. The… Continue reading

My Inbox: a flower from Yoshiko in Japan

her words: “Come quickly spring!”

Stamp making!

I’m visiting a high school friend and her family and wanted to make her kids, Liam and Zoe, stamps (hanko) as a little gift. If we have time, maybe even paint! The first… Continue reading

Sticky Little Leaves

I may not believe in the order of the universe, yet I love the sticky little leaves as they open in the spring — Dostoevsky, Brothers Karamazov Recently I read a memoir, Plenty… Continue reading

My Inbox: 2 lovelies from Tatsuaki in Japan

I can see a lot of bright in you

A sliver of one last blood orange, with a sliver of a lyric from Sufjan Stevens, “I can see a lot of bright in you,” from the song, “That dress looks nice on… Continue reading