When Pigs Fly

A happy pink little pig with wings, with the words “When pigs fly” I haven’t had a chance to paint much lately. And when I’ve found the time, I seem to get stuck… Continue reading

My Inbox: Sakura and a Crane from Fumiko in Japan

Lovely spring greetings from Fumiko in Japan — a card with the word “sakura,” or cherry blossom, on it, along with a folded origami crane.

My Inbox: Yet More New Year Cards!

On the left, from Ina of Lithuana On the right, from Kasia of Poland Kasia enclosed a lovey laminated leaf, cut into a heart. I’d wondered last fall if that would preserve autumn… Continue reading

from the punny archive — my Valentine to you

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year I had my bootie in gear — I published a series of punny Valentines, and even managed to make one for my man. This year he got a… Continue reading

My Inbox: a Valentine from Debbie in Sapporo

Super cute Valentine from Debbie in Sapporo, Japan — “You are the wind in my sails” Love the cancelled “LOVE” stamp she used to adorn it.

hawaiian orchids

An etegami I did over a year ago… It’s not the best, but it’s very evocative of how I feel right now in February! I am dreaming of warm place such as Hawaii!

My Inbox: more Happy New Year Cards!

Just a few more new years’ cards Thanks to Marie Francoise, Shay, Carol, Hideko, Lisa, and Mary!

My Inbox: a seascape from Marie-Francoise

An elegant, calm etegami from Marie-Francoise! Merci!

Irises in January

  a trio of iris etegami, painted on request for a friend Irises are still a fond memory, deep in January in DC, they are hibernating for the winter. Luckily the internet and… Continue reading

Gentle Brute

I walk or run or bike to and from work practically everyday. My route takes me from my neighborhood in DC, LeDroit, through downtown, to the National Mall, near George Washington University. It’s… Continue reading