A Peck of Painted Peppers

What’s the children’s tongue twister:  Peter piper picked a peck of *painted* peppers? Something like that.

A Peck Painted Peppers.2013-06-18I painted a peck of painted peppers this past week, motivated by a couple of things.

First, there was the GIANT bag of New Mexican dried chiles my sister gave me for my birthday. (By the way, I’m looking for recipe ideas:  there’s this red chile sauce, or maybe this posole. Let me know if you have ideas!) Her birthday is TODAY (Yay Jessie!), so I wanted to paint her a card with one of her peppers.

And second, I had read about a famous haiku, below, by Basho involving a dragonfly and was eager to use it in an etegami.


My translation is “Hot pepper / Give it wings / Red dragonfly.”

It has inspired some haiku comics — see here from Old Pond Comics, and also here.

Below are three of my favorites from the peck I painted

PepperTonbo1.2013-06-16 PepperTonbo2.2013-06-16 PepperTonbo3.2013-06-16



    1. Thanks so much MJ, glad you like them! I follow you blog on my RSS feed now, delicious stuff! I made the red chile sauce a couple days ago, made enough for a couple meals of enchiladas. I had to cool it down a bit by mixing in a little plain yogurt.

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