Bamboo Harvest Panda

panda.StickyLittleLeaves.04-01-2015I painted this little panda as part of a project I was working on earlier this year — illustrations for a game called “Bamboo Harvest.” Check out the game, tweet about it to @bamboo_harvest.

The project left me with lots and lots of extra pandas and red pandas and elephants — all bamboo eaters. I have gradually made them into etegami. Here I decorated one with an unseasonal quotation, from Dostoevsky:  “I love the sticky little leaves as they open in spring.”

Here’s another leftover from the Bamboo Harvest project, a red panda out on a limb. And another panda, not rushing. And a different red panda, taking a little rest. Oh, and yet another panda, wishing you a cake of bamboo.



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