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Stinking Hellebore!

Nothing says happy Monday, especially the Monday after a holiday, like a stinking hellebore! Stinking Hellebore! Stinking Hellebore! It sounds like an erudite insult, something stolen from a history of ancient Greece. Or… Continue reading

Bog laurel

Posting this from vacation today. This card was painted from a flower I saw on my last holiday, a trip to Maine’s Mt. Desert Island. Now, we are at Glacier Park for a… Continue reading

Take all the garden spills

A couple of lotus blossoms, from a photo a friend posted from his visit to Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens here in Washington DC — check out their Flickr stream here for photos… Continue reading

Nonbiri daisies

Daisies cheer up any dreadfully hot and humid day in DC — and there are a lot of daisies and dreadfully hot and humid days in DC! One of my etegami friends, Shungo,… Continue reading

Oops… salvaging “mistakes” in etegami through collage

The point of etegami is that there are no mistakes. You don’t sketch our your images first on the paper — you draw your images and let whatever will be be. You don’t… Continue reading


“If you wait, all that happens is you get older.”  (Larry McMurtry). Okay, yes, I have used this quote before. I will likely use it again. It’s a good one for birthdays, but… Continue reading

Heart waits

A couple attempts to paint my blooming Easter lilies — I think that’s what they are, at least. Very fragrant when they bloom. Their buds have been closed for the last week, and… Continue reading


“Do you know how beautiful you are?” (Rumi) In case you need to be reminded… “

Tutu aflutter magnolia

A little magnolia flower, inspired by a poem I read on this blog, Leaf and twig: Her tutu a flutter magnolia dances to the wind song the tree an assemble en tourant, grand… Continue reading

Garlic Flowers and Big Bear Cafe

“This is an interesting planet. It deserves all the attention you can give it.” (Marilynne Robinson, Gilead). Memorial Day weekend was especially wonderful this year, as unseasonably reasonable temperatures have continued in the… Continue reading