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There are no goodbyes

I painted this card as a sympathy card for a friend who lost her mother recently. The words are from Gandhi, with the full quotation being, “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever… Continue reading

Dog-eared Dogwood

Flowers of DC Spring, episode 3: Dogwood Collection, National Arboretum, Washington DC. This etegami is of a dogwood blossom, found at the National Arboretum 4/27/13. The words, “dog-eared dogwood,” are mine.

Freckled Green Azalea

Flowers of DC Spring, episode 2: Azalea Collection, National Arboretum, Washington DC. Here’s an etegami of an unusual azalea I found in their lovely collection on 4/27/13. I used a bamboo reed pen… Continue reading

If you wait, all that happens is you get older

Flowers of DC Spring, episode 1:  Lafayette Park, White House, Washington DC. An etegami of a tulip, viewed from the top, which I found in front of the White House, in Lafayette Park.… Continue reading

Scattered blossoms

The cherry blossoms in DC have finally shed their petals… a weekend walk around the neighborhood had us walking along a carpet of pink. I find the petals and single discarded buds along… Continue reading

My Inbox: Iris from Fumiko

A lovely spring etegami of an iris, by Fumiko in Japan. My rough translation of her words: “How many seeds of happiness can you sow today?” (今日は何粒幸せのたねと蒔けるかな)

it’s not the cherries everywhere in bloom

Spring in DC… yes, everyone gets excited about the cherry blossoms, and yes, they are lovely. So lovely that when we went out to the Mall this past Sunday, we found ourselves fighting… Continue reading

crocus, with frail blue wings

A happy blue crocus, inspired by photos that Ruth P posted on Facebook I don’t know much about flowers. I see them and love them and take their photos with impunity. Only when… Continue reading

Eggplant ecstasy

I painted a series of cards inspired by a post from the North East Ohio Garden blogger, of a day lily called talon + eggplant ecstasy (for the inspiration see here Seasonal Contradiction).… Continue reading

Not seeing is a flower

In January, my 8-year old cousin came to visit for the Presidential Inauguation. We went to dinner at Beau Thai (yum! love the Beau Thai Chicken and the Ginger Beer Cocktail!), where the… Continue reading