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Dandelions… Inspired by Shungo, Santoku, and Norway

My literary inspiration:   a Santoku poem, “A dandelion bloomed on the road today.” Another etegami painter, Shungo Asada, shared it with me recently. My visual inspiration:  Norwegian dandelions from a photo I took… Continue reading


Painted for someone who recently lost a family member. The words read “No one can have more than one life,” from a Japanese poem by Toki Zenmaru (土岐善麿). The flowers on this etegami… Continue reading

Forest of Stars Kokeshi for J

A happy birthday kokeshi doll etegami for my sister. The characters translate to “forest of stars,” from a Japanese poem. The flower is a desert flower, from a picture my sister took at… Continue reading

happy birthday to a cyclist friend

A happy birthday card to a colleague who is an avid cyclist. I doubt her bike is outfitted with a flower basket, but if she did, it would certainly have a bottle of… Continue reading

yellow flowers and Doi Bansui

Etegami of yellow flowers, don’t know the name, from my garden. The words are read, “hana no en,” and mean “a celebration of flowers.” The words are from Doi Bansui’s 1901poem: “in spring… Continue reading

white flower, happy birthday to a colleague

A simple white flower… the thin, papery petaled kind that I find often in the mid-Atlantic area in which I live. I’ve uploaded the photo of a flower that inspired me to do… Continue reading