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My inbox: friendship blossoms

Fresh, cheerful sakura blossoms, painted by Carol B from California. She says she’s just been experimenting with gansai paints and washi paper… I think she’s doing a great job. Lovely! I also like… Continue reading

A fool at forty

Happy birthday… to me! Culturally this is supposed to be a rather significant birthday, but the only reason I can think of is the sentiment expressed in this etegami, an idiom that goes:… Continue reading

“Spring in the air”

Hopefully my Facebook friends won’t mind… I often find inspiration in the things they post. Last week Pam H posted a quote from the Marvelettes’ song “When you’re young and in love” (click… Continue reading

Always the Same Age

A hibiscus I painted to wish happy birthday to a colleague… she is sunny and bright, and she sometimes wears Hawaiian patterns. Quotation is one I like from Gertrude Stein: “We are always… Continue reading


This past weekend I took the first long walk of the spring and loved all the daffodils holding their own in the March wind. Having fought off the “snow-quester” here in DC earlier… Continue reading

Queen of all colors

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Lotus flower, plus a new ant hanko

A lotus flower for my sister, with a quote from What’s Love Got to Do with It? Inspiration for the flower drawn from this photo by Charles Sloger I found via Pinterest. I’m… Continue reading


Recently I bought an ink pen professing to be “waterproof”:  the Akashiya New Brush Pen — Super Fine — Black (Waterproof ink). “Waterproof ink” is right there in the title of the product.… Continue reading

etegami basics: a simple birthday etegami

Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to think of something clever to paint for someone. Then I reread this great post by Dosankodebbie about the basics of etegami and remember that it’s not the… Continue reading

Spice bouquet

A bouquet of spice, beautiful and delicious.  The Japanese reads, “Thank you for the bouquet of spices!”