Nonbiri daisies

Daisies cheer up any dreadfully hot and humid day in DC — and there are a lot of daisies and dreadfully hot and humid days in DC! One of my etegami friends, Shungo,… Continue reading

Red Currants from Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market

Red currants, from the Sunday morning Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market in our neighborhood Just what I’ve been searching for–I have had a recipe for red currant/pomegranate syrup meatballs that I’ve wanted to try for… Continue reading

Oops… salvaging “mistakes” in etegami through collage

The point of etegami is that there are no mistakes. You don’t sketch our your images first on the paper — you draw your images and let whatever will be be. You don’t… Continue reading

My Inbox: A rose etegami from Carol, in California

A lovely rose from Carol’s garden in California — I love how she painted the shaded part a contrasting color! Excuse the pin — I have put this up on my wall of… Continue reading

My inbox: Joxter, by Hideko from Japan

This was a grand surprise, and privilege, to get a portrait of my cat Joxter done etegami-style by Hideko. As you may recall a couple weeks ago, I received an elegant flower etegami… Continue reading

All fired up!

Happy Fourth of July! I’m sure people have all their grills fired up and their fireworks ready to be fired up.


“If you wait, all that happens is you get older.”  (Larry McMurtry). Okay, yes, I have used this quote before. I will likely use it again. It’s a good one for birthdays, but… Continue reading

My Inbox: Smiling Flower from Hideko, in Japan

I received a finely painted flower etegami by Hideko, from Japan, along with a postcard of “緑の風のなかで”, by Iwasaki Chihiro. Hideko’s etegami says, “Smile, smile.” My cat Joxter is posing with the gifts… Continue reading

My Inbox: Nonbiri Oranges from Shungo!

It’s always a happy day when I find an etegami in my mailbox, and it’s doubly so when the sender also gives me a couple of nice postcards so I can return the… Continue reading

Love you bunches

A corny little etegami, inspired by a photo of carrots harvested by my cousin at her organic farm in Washington state, Red Dog Farm. “love you bunches” I just couldn’t help myself with… Continue reading