Chilly Chile

A silly chilly chile post for your Monday morning. Painted for a pun-loving friend for his birthday.

A Peck of Painted Peppers

What’s the children’s tongue twister: ¬†Peter piper picked a peck of *painted* peppers? Something like that.

Waddle I do without you?

“Waddle I do without you?” This card was painted for my 8-year-old cousin (featured earlier this year)– hope she knows how much I love her!The paper I used here is Japanese rice paper… Continue reading

Heart waits

A couple attempts to paint my blooming Easter lilies — I think that’s what they are, at least. Very fragrant when they bloom. Their buds have been closed for the last week, and… Continue reading

Tease: hot pepper etegami in progress

Just a tease today: I’ve been painting a few etegami using these dried New Mexican chiles as models (thanks Jessie for the bag!). Expect: some puns and some Basho haiku! And yes, I… Continue reading


“Do you know how beautiful you are?” (Rumi) In case you need to be reminded… “

My Inbox: Footsies from Cole!

A cute etegami of feet, with a line from Pablo Neruda “When I cannot look at your face, I look at your feet.” I wish my feet were as cute! Thanks Cole!

My Inbox: Flowers and more from Fumiko!

A lovely etegami of flowers, along with little pieces of paper with imprints from her hand-made stamps. I envision using them to add to cards in the future, collage-style.

Ducks… living the dream

More ducks! This series of duck etegami started in my brain when someone I know on Facebook said he was walking home, saw some ducks just doing their thing, walking along the road,… Continue reading

A fish in water!

A while ago I shared this fish as a work-in-progress.¬† Here is the end result, with the poem by Yukawa Hideki. This is intended as a gift for my mother, as a remembrance… Continue reading