Spring slouches from winter’s nest

I did a series of etegami watercolor cards and various versions of a spring haiku, all inspired by of my friend Angela’s photo a white stork, which is currently featured in the DCist… Continue reading

March cold, April warm?

Spring has been slow coming in 2013. Not one but two snowy Mondays in March, 40 degree temps far later than normal, and, for me, recurring colds and coughs. This etegami pictures one… Continue reading

Young cucumber

Etegami of my now long-gone cucumber plant. We planted it early last summer, it started flowering and showing some little cukes in July, and it bore full-grown cucumbers in late July.  I harvested… Continue reading

My Inbox: Hawaiian Flowers from Shay

A lovely spring flower etegami from Shay in Hawaii. The words read “spring is here.” Thank you!

Coffee Monday: Caffe con panna and Bach

A sweet Coffee Monday post today — featuring a caffe con panna I had yesterday at Kafe Bohem, plus Johann Sebastian Bach, 18th-century coffee history, and recommended readings!

Moths kaleidoscoping, and a note on Swamplandia!

I don’t buy many books. I’m a librarian. I patronize my public libraries (and thankful that Washington, DC, has excellent ones, especially my local one Watha T Daniel-Shaw!). And I like audiobooks for… Continue reading

My Inbox: Daruma Buddha from Shungo

Awesome Daruma Buddha, from Shungo in Yokohama! Daruma is the Japanese name of the Bodhidharma, a 5-6th century CE Buddhist who is said to have established Chan (Zen) Buddhism. His origins are disputed,… Continue reading

crocus, with frail blue wings

A happy blue crocus, inspired by photos that Ruth P posted on Facebook I don’t know much about flowers. I see them and love them and take their photos with impunity. Only when… Continue reading

My Inbox: Iris, from Linda in St Louis!

Happy to come home tonight, from the opening night of DCist Exposed, featuring a great photo of a bird by a friend, Angela N., to find this lively etegami from Linda. Now, to… Continue reading

coffee monday

A happy, SNOWY coffee Monday. In LATE MARCH, Washington DC! Luckily I’m working from home today — I can bundle up in sweats, or hop over to one of my favorite local coffee… Continue reading