Young cucumber

Etegami of my now long-gone cucumber plant. We planted it early last summer, it started flowering and showing some little cukes in July, and it bore full-grown cucumbers in late July.  I harvested… Continue reading

My Inbox: Hawaiian Flowers from Shay

A lovely spring flower etegami from Shay in Hawaii. The words read “spring is here.” Thank you!

Coffee Monday: Caffe con panna and Bach

A sweet Coffee Monday post today — featuring a caffe con panna I had yesterday at Kafe Bohem, plus Johann Sebastian Bach, 18th-century coffee history, and recommended readings!

Moths kaleidoscoping, and a note on Swamplandia!

I don’t buy many books. I’m a librarian. I patronize my public libraries (and thankful that Washington, DC, has excellent ones, especially my local one Watha T Daniel-Shaw!). And I like audiobooks for… Continue reading

My Inbox: Daruma Buddha from Shungo

Awesome Daruma Buddha, from Shungo in Yokohama! Daruma is the Japanese name of the Bodhidharma, a 5-6th century CE Buddhist who is said to have established Chan (Zen) Buddhism. His origins are disputed,… Continue reading

crocus, with frail blue wings

A happy blue crocus, inspired by photos that Ruth P posted on Facebook I don’t know much about flowers. I see them and love them and take their photos with impunity. Only when… Continue reading

My Inbox: Iris, from Linda in St Louis!

Happy to come home tonight, from the opening night of DCist Exposed, featuring a great photo of a bird by a friend, Angela N., to find this lively etegami from Linda. Now, to… Continue reading

coffee monday

A happy, SNOWY coffee Monday. In LATE MARCH, Washington DC! Luckily I’m working from home today — I can bundle up in sweats, or hop over to one of my favorite local coffee… Continue reading

My Inbox: A Daffodil from Yoshiko

A happy yellow daffodil from Yoshiko in Yokohama, a city I lived in for a year and remember well.

Eggplant ecstasy

I painted a series of cards inspired by a post from the North East Ohio Garden blogger, of a day lily called talon + eggplant ecstasy (for the inspiration see here Seasonal Contradiction).… Continue reading