Let books be your dining table

Another etegami inspired by National Library Week… “Let books be your dining table, and you shall be full of delights. Let them be your mattress and you shall sleep restful nights,” from St.… Continue reading

Income Taxes and “Einstein”

Happy Tax Day! Hope everyone got their paperwork in. We sent off our check a few weeks ago, only to have it return to us with “insufficient postage.” Looks like we have more… Continue reading

Happy Library Week!

April 14-20, 2013 is National Library Week, and I’ve been saving up some etegami and quotations for it. Today’s card:  “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of… Continue reading

My Inbox: Greetings from two California Girls

Two happy etegami, one from Rachel in San Diego, with the paper cranes, the other drone Claire in San Francisco, with the Wordsworth quotation. So happy, I posed them in my little backyard… Continue reading

a stork collage

Sometimes I like my practice drawings so much I can’t scrap them. But in the meantime I’ve drawn and painted and scribbled and dripped ink all around them. I usually cut out the… Continue reading

Kokeshi from Shungo

A cute woodblock print etegami card from Shungo in Yokohama. The red stamp on the upper right says 夢の途中 (yume no tochuu), or “In the midst of dreams.” The doll is known as… Continue reading

A fish out of water

This fish is a little work in progress, for use, unless I change my mind, with a poem by physicist Yukawa Hideki. (In a previous life I was a PhD student in Japanese… Continue reading

it’s not the cherries everywhere in bloom

Spring in DC… yes, everyone gets excited about the cherry blossoms, and yes, they are lovely. So lovely that when we went out to the Mall this past Sunday, we found ourselves fighting… Continue reading

Spring slouches from winter’s nest

I did a series of etegami watercolor cards and various versions of a spring haiku, all inspired by of my friend Angela’s photo a white stork, which is currently featured in the DCist… Continue reading

March cold, April warm?

Spring has been slow coming in 2013. Not one but two snowy Mondays in March, 40 degree temps far later than normal, and, for me, recurring colds and coughs. This etegami pictures one… Continue reading