Not seeing is a flower

In January, my 8-year old cousin came to visit for the Presidential Inauguation. We went to dinner at Beau Thai (yum! love the Beau Thai Chicken and the Ginger Beer Cocktail!), where the… Continue reading

My inbox: friendship blossoms

Fresh, cheerful sakura blossoms, painted by Carol B from California. She says she’s just been experimenting with gansai paints and washi paper… I think she’s doing a great job. Lovely! I also like… Continue reading

A fool at forty

Happy birthday… to me! Culturally this is supposed to be a rather significant birthday, but the only reason I can think of is the sentiment expressed in this etegami, an idiom that goes:… Continue reading

Just Another Coffee Monday

It’s Coffee Monday on my blog! And, it’s also my birthday! I’m hoping it won’t be a stereotypical Monday, with spilled coffee, missed alarms, and frazzled nerves. I’ll get myself have a treat… Continue reading

“Spring in the air”

Hopefully my Facebook friends won’t mind… I often find inspiration in the things they post. Last week Pam H posted a quote from the Marvelettes’ song “When you’re young and in love” (click… Continue reading

Illustration Friday — Eyeglasses

Today’s Illustration Friday prompt is “eyeglasses.” The email I got from Illustration Friday announcing the prompt included the precise quotation from comedian Stephen Wright I used on an etegami I did for a… Continue reading

Happy Pi Day!

A short and candy-heart-sweet post to say “Happy Pi day” (or Happy π  Day, if you want to be exact)!

Always the Same Age

A hibiscus I painted to wish happy birthday to a colleague… she is sunny and bright, and she sometimes wears Hawaiian patterns. Quotation is one I like from Gertrude Stein: “We are always… Continue reading


This past weekend I took the first long walk of the spring and loved all the daffodils holding their own in the March wind. Having fought off the “snow-quester” here in DC earlier… Continue reading

Liquid Optimism — Coffee Monday!

“The first coffee of the day. Pure optimism in a liquid state.” (Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Prisoner of Heaven; full quote here.) A friend recently shared this quote and I quickly added it to… Continue reading