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Act Swiftly, Awesome Pacyderm!

I’ll probably stick this on my office door — everyone is asking for things ASAP. The Dr. Seuss quotation is from Horton Hears a Who, and I like that somehow the elephant I… Continue reading

yellow flowers and Doi Bansui

Etegami of yellow flowers, don’t know the name, from my garden. The words are read, “hana no en,” and mean “a celebration of flowers.” The words are from Doi Bansui’s 1901poem: “in spring… Continue reading

seashell card for a new baby, with Shinkawa Kazue poem

A cousin recently had a baby girl, and I composed this “welcome baby!” card for them. The card features the first stanza of the poem by Shinkawa Kazue, “赤ちゃんに寄す”. My translation:  “Please tell… Continue reading

the super moon and ogiwara seisensui

Etegami composed to celebrate the “super moon” of 5 May 2012 (details here from WBUR, NPR). The words translate to:  ‎”it walks the sky, cloudless, / clear: the moon alone.” The poet is… Continue reading